Lord Recluse
Ghost Widow
Lord Maco


Arachnos is a criminal group formed in the early part of the 20th century in Italy by a man known as The Weaver. Later, a villain called Lord Recluse took over the global network of Arachnos though betrayal; murder surely played a role. After taking over, Recluse subtly shifted Arachnos’ priorities and interests to better suit his own ideological goals.21

Lord Recluse went underground before emerging as the “legitimate” leader of the Rogue Isles, the nation shown in City of Villains. Arachnos controls the Isles and Lord Recluse is considered a political figure, though he privately relishes the rare times he’s able to get blood on his hands. Ruling a nation has allowed Lord Recluse to create armed forces, purchase military hardware, and research alien technology, increasing Arachnos’ power. Now Arachnos fights to capture Paragon City.


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