Freedom Phlanax


Statesman (co-founder, leader)
Back Alley Brawler
Sister Psyche


Despite any public or political pressure, the Freedom Phalanx continues to battle any threat to humankind and remains "the world’s premiere independent hero organization. They still make it a firm policy to have no official ties to any government or law enforcement institution. They are one of the most open organizations in existence, allowing any would-be hero to volunteer for service with the esteemed group. Unlike other groups, the Freedom Phalanx is entirely open about everything, from its membership to its funding and current activities. This frankness carries through on down to the lowest levels, where even beginning heroes must reveal their true identities and pasts to the organization and the world. Statesman takes great pride in these ‘sunshine’ policies’, saying they go a long way towards inspiring confidence in the Freedom Phalanx’s personnel and motives.

Freedom Phlanax

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