A Generic List of Super Powers

Generic Physical Superpowers
*Sensing danger (spider-sense)
*Sensing other types of events (dishonesty, murder, etc.)
*The ability to remove senses (like inflicting blindness, etc.)

Forms of Transportation
*Exceptional leaping (e.g. the Hulk)

Time-Based Abilities
*Temporal manipulation (like The Matrix)
*Time travel

Elemental Control/Manipulation
*Basic elements (fire, water and/or ice, earth, wind)
*Darkness and/or shadows
*Magnetic forces

Generic Mental Abilities
*Skills and/or knowledge (Popular categories: science, mechanical, computer/electronics, weapons-handling/military, driving, occult/magical.)
*Resourcefulness (“I’m never more than a carton of baking soda away from a doomsday device”)

Psychic Superpowers
*Telekinesis (moving objects mentally)
*Telepathy (reading minds)
*Mind-to-mind communication
*Possession (total mental control)
*Memory manipulation (may include creation/alteration/deletion)
*Mentally generated weaponry/objects
*Ability to locate someone mentally
*“Psychometry”–the ability to learn things about the past or future of an object by touching it

Biological Control
*Controlling plants and/or animals
*Shapeshifting (animals).
*Shapeshifting (people)–mainly useful for disguises/stealth.

Miscellaneous Talents
*Gaseous form
*Absorbing someone else’s powers
*Negating someone else’s powers
*Luck manipulation (good luck for hero and/or bad luck for enemies)
*Pocket space–the ability to hold and remove objects so that only the user can retrieve them. It could be used for carrying really heavy equipment, hiding valuable and/or stolen and/or highly explosive goods, concealing weapons, smuggling candy into movie theaters, removing a hostile explosive, etc.
*Ability to control density

A Generic List of Super Powers

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