Bold covers the doing of deeds with great fanfare. Bold actions are daring or adventurous; they are done with style and charisma; they are inspiring and impressive.
Also Known As: Audacious, Fearless, Flamboyant, Flashy, Heroic, Showy
Possessed by: acrobats, swashbucklers, cheerleaders, actors and politicians, Nightwing, Spider-Man, Nightcrawler, Aang, Azula

Clever is the approach of imagination and improvisation. Clever actions solve problems using creativity; they understand the situation or learn something new by asking the right questions.
Also Known As: Brainy, Brilliant, Ingenious, Imaginative, Nerdy
Possessed by: artists, hackers, scientists, inventors, scholars, Felicity Smoak, Tony Stark, Spider-Man, Beast, Slade Wilson, Sokka, Asami Sato, Ty-Lee

Mighty is the brute force approach, and is usually the opposite of Clever or Wise. Mighty actions represent strength of body, character, or will; it is the approach that moves mountains or to make oneself immovable.
Also Known As: Strong, Hardy, Forceful, Potent, Stalwart, Stubborn
Possessed by: athletes, bullies, soldiers, fighters, Superman, the Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, Toph, Korra

Subtle is the opposite of Bold; it represents getting things done by using stealth, deceit, misdirection and manipulation. It keeps you or your motives hidden and unnoticed.
Also Known As: Indirect, Quiet, Sneaky, Cunning, Sly, Untrustworthy
Possessed by: thieves, ninjas, politicians, hunters, Batman, Black Widow, Daredevil, Wilson Fisk, Azula, Mei

Swift actions are done with speed and precision: quick thinking, fast-talking, running, dodging. You act and think in ways that leave other people in the dust. Or maybe you shoot first and ask questions later.
Also Known As: Nimble, Quick, Speedy, Hasty, Reckless
Possessed by: athletes, comedians, criminals, gunslingers, Captain America, The Flash, Aang, Tony Stark, Daredevil

Wise actions rely on planning, preparedness, and knowledge of the world; these actions require tact, attentiveness, and patience. Measure twice, cut once.
Also Known As: Astute, Gentle, Thoughtful, Wary, Careful
Possessed by: engineers, scholars, teachers, cowards, masterminds, Professor Xavier, Green Lantern John Stewart, Uncle Iroh, Tenzin, Sokka

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