Atlas Park

Atlas Park is the City Zone at the heart of Paragon City. No landmark exemplifies the heroic nature of the City of Heroes more than the statue of the fallen hero, Atlas, that stands in front of City Hall. Atlas was one of the first heroes to respond to the Nazi sneak attack against Paragon City on December 7th, 1941. Almost single-handedly, Atlas kept the German attackers from gaining a foothold past Independence Port. It cost him his life, but he held his ground until the Freedom Phalanx arrived.


  • Argosy Industrial Park
    For a warehouse district, Argosy Industrial Park has fairly appealing architecture. Wrought-iron archways and intricate metal fencing make the area much easier on the eyes than similar complexes in King’s Row. However, the area is still avoided by many residents, and with good reason. Clockwork are out in force, taking bits and pieces of scrap metal whenever they find some.
  • Atlas Plaza
    Sits at the very center of the zone and is just full of resources for heroes to take advantage of.
  • Chiron Medical Center
  • Downside
    South of the plaza is the neighborhood of Downside. Though relatively tame compared to the locales most heroes will get to visit in their careers, amongst the citizens of Atlas Park, it has a pretty murky reputation. Clockwork forage in parking lots, and the Hellions who roam this neighborhood have access to a lot of Superadine. A gate to Skyway City, along with a massive statue of a revered hero, share the skyline with skyscrapers and apartment buildings. The bulk of the neighborhood’s bad reputation comes from the open sewer pipes located along the southern border of the zone.
  • Hyperion Way
    To the east of the plaza is Hyperion Way. Many who live in the area felt The Hollowing firsthand – most buildings in the area suffered minor structural damage from the massive shockwave. Hellions of all flavors can be found in the area. The Clockwork are fairly active in the area as well. The gate to The Hollows, a hazard zone, stands here.
  • The Promenade
    North of the plaza is The Promenade, which contains an entrance to Steel Canyon. The Promenade is known throughout the country for its theaters and music halls. It’s difficult to walk more than a few steps without seeing a poster or billboard for the next great stage show.
    *Prometheus Park
    Directly to the west of Atlas Plaza is Prometheus Park and its environs. The park looks peaceful at first glance, and it usually is. However, this neighborhood is still a bit nervous about long walks in the park – Hellions occasionally cause problems for joggers, and they’re almost always looking smug on the park bridge.

Common Criminals

Atlas Park

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