Character Creation

Standard FAE creation with the following caveats
A Quick and Dirty Guide to FAE Chargen

1. When you create your character, you’ll have at least one character aspect that talks about having powers. This doesn’t have to be your High Concept, and probably shouldn’t be your Trouble. This aspect provides you with your power facts, described below. If multiple power-related aspects are appropriate for your character concept, each one can provide its own
set of power facts.

2. Like any other Fate Accelerated game, your aspects establish facts. Power facts are list of narrative permissions conveyed by one or more of your aspects. Your list of power facts should have 3 to 10 items. Each fact can be as detailed or as vague as you want, though it should be enough for the group to understand what your powers can do.

  • Equipment that is important to the character can be established through power facts so long as an aspect covers it. If it is not important to the character concept then it should be an extra(see below).(For example Billionaire Playboy could explain a gadget belt)
  • Weaknesses could also be explained as power facts. (Green glowing space rocks steal my powers)

3. The standard approaches are slightly modified. See Approaches

4. You do not need to use your stunts to detail your powers (see power facts), but you can have stunts that detail specific applications or denote particularly skilled use of certain facets of your powers.

5. Refresh will be determined by the tone of game chosen, but will likely be the standard rate.

6. Extras are things that round out your character but are not essential to the concept. This could be a secret hideout, or access to an armory, or your van down by the river. You can start with up to 3 of them, and can gain or lose them as part of the game

Character Creation

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