Founders' Falls

When Paragon City began to grow from a small group of colonial townships, the heart of the coalition was Smithtown. Founders’ Falls encompasses the area from which that seed began to grow, eventually developing into the sprawling metropolis that is Paragon City.
The most opulent place to live, Founders’ Falls is where you are most likely to meet members of the Paragon Yacht Club. Then again, with water instead of major roadways, yacht might be the only way to travel. When the Red River rose, much of the area was left underwater, but the buildings that jut out provide a Venice-like feel to the region. The more modern structures of this zone were built out onto the water to avoid harming many of the historic sites that lie in the area.
Even with all the tourism and scenery, or maybe because of it, the wealthier criminal organizations have also moved in. The blending of amazing architecture with sites of significance make this city zone an important area to keep safe. It is in some ways the spirit of Paragon City, and she needs her Heroes to keep it from being overrun.


  • Blackstone Hills
  • The Gaspee
  • Harvey Medical Center
  • Hutchinson Park
  • Liberty Town
  • Louis Forest
  • The Red River
  • Williams Square

Common Criminals
Council/5th Column
Crey Industries
Circle of Thorns
Devouring Earth

Founders' Falls

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