Independence Port

The roots of Independence Port go all the way back to the founding of Paragon City. As Paragon City continued to grow, Independence Port stood proudly as the premiere point of commerce on the eastern coast of the United States. This is the location where Atlas and several other heroes gave their lives in World War II when the 5th Column attempted to invade.

The area was the traditional battle field between the Tsoo, The Family, the 5th Column, and anyone else looking to get a piece of the shipping action. Since the Terra Volta trials nearly a decade ago the zone has shown a great deal of improvement. While the criminals still claim large swaths of territory here, there is no longer open warfare in the streets and the Valor Bridge reconstruction project has progressed quite well.

Bell Point/ Bell Medical Center
Crey Cove
Industry Pier
Justice Quay
Liberty Quay
Patriot Wharf
Power Island
Steel Pier
Valor Bridge
Wave Landing

Common Criminals
The Council/5th Column
The Family
The Tsoo

Independence Port

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