The Overbrook Dam was an amazing step forward for Paragon City, and it began a new area of prosperity. When the Arch-villain Faultline held Overbrook ransom with his earthquake device, not many took him seriously. A group of fledgling superheroes did attempt to stop him but failed, and the master of tectonics set off his device, wiping out Overbrook. Faultline disappeared and has not been seen since. The ruins of Overbrook adopted his name, and many villains began to inhabit the area.

Faultline officials provided funding for reconstruction and work was underway in the first neighborhood, when major disaster struck. Due to strange seismic activity on the moon, tidal anomalies caused the Overbrook Dam to rupture flooding the zone. Additional crews have been called in to assess the Dam and shore up the rest of the zone, however, they are continually thwarted by the recent arrival of new villain groups to the area and one group, in particular, that no one expected: Arachnos.

These factors combined have limited reconstruction efforts for the zone. It’s war walls are active and the PPD monitor access to the area.

Arachnos Dig Site
New Overbrook
Overbrook Dam
Overbrook Medical Center

Common Criminals
The Council/5th Column
The Freakshow
The Lost


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