Paragon City

Once a shining beacon of prosperity and boasted the highest concentration of super powered heroes on the planet. Unfortunately the Rikti War devastated the cityscape leaving regions devoid of life, if not leveled to the ground, and upwards of 80% of the heroes died in the fighting.

In the almost 13 years since the end of the war the city has struggled to rebuild it’s former glory. The once magnificent sky line was forever altered by the erection of the War Walls, technology created from captured Rikti technology used to defend agaisnt further attack and to contain areas to dangerous to allow the public to enter. The heroes that sprang up in the wake of the war’s losses have become the leaders and mentors of the second post-war generation of heroes.

While many areas of the city remain dangerous, if not uninhabitable, signs of progress are everywhere. New buildings and new heroes have sprung up to replace what was lost. Some of the War Walls have lowered their energy shields, allowing freer access to many areas of the city even as it grows and strives to rebuild it’s damaged infrastructure. The recent death of Statesman has sent shockwaves through the community and emboldened many villains to strike out at the rebuilding city. This latest generation of heroes has it’s work cut out for it.

City Zones
These zones are located within or near Paragon City, and are deemed safe for residential use. While they do have War Wall protection the walls are not usually active:
Atlas Park
Founders’ Falls
Independence Port
Kings Row
Peregrine Island
Salamanca “Croatoa”
Skyway City
Steel Canyon
Talos Island

Hazard Zones
These zones exist within the Paragon City area, but are still recovering from the effects of the Rikti War or other catastrophes. The War walls are generally active for the safety of the city’s residents.:
Astoria (“Dark Astoria”)
Baumton (“Boomtown”)
Eastgate (“The Hollows”)
Galaxy City
Overbrook “Faultline”
Perez Park
Striga Isle
Venice (“Crey’s Folly”)
White Plains (“(The) Rikti War Zone”)
Woodvale (“Eden”)


Paragon City

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