Perez Park

Perez Park was once an idyllic retreat from hectic city life and home to many areas where families would picnic or simply relax in the sun. Tree-lined walkways meandered through the park and were often populated by couples taking romantic evening strolls. The Gaiman Amphitheatre showcased outdoor performances (including those by the acclaimed ‘Paragon City Players’). Turner Lake provided a lovely splash of cool blue water, while the nearby Bendis Lake House was popular among the crowds for their famous burgers.

Unfortunately two gangs, The Helions and The Skulls, both claimed the park as part of their territory leading to viscous gang wars that took place in broad daylight and tarnished the safety of the park. Compounding that the mysterious Circle of Thorns found refuge in the deeper parts of the woods. Even a decade after heroes put a stop to the all out gang wars the streets maintain a poor reputation and crime is still a problem.

Bettis Hills
Everett Lake
Gaiman Woods
Hell’s Highway
Perez Park

Common Criminals
The Hellions
The Skulls
The Circle of Thorns

Perez Park

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