White Plains

This area, once known as White Plains, is now a ruined battleground. In the later stages of the Rikti war on of their home-ships was damage and crashed into this already troubled area. What was not demolished by the crash was later brought down in the fighting, or when the heroes attempted to create a bulwark against the base ship.

Now, a decade later, the ship lies under constant observation. Various groups, heroes, villains and those in between, make forays into the ship in attempts to recover technology or chase down Rikti raiders but there is no longer protracted combat. Unlike other harard zones the PPD has no authority here, with The Vangaurd group maintaining the zone’s quarantine.

Bloody Lane
The Bulge
The Crash Site
Heartbreak Ridge
Little Round Top
Point du Hoc
Pork Chop Hill
Sunken Road
The Thin Red Line
Vanguard Compound

Common Enemies
Other technological inclined groups occasionally make forays into the area.

White Plains

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