Ed Infinitum

Gravity-Kinetics Controller


High Concept: Imbued with the Power of the Blacksun
Trouble: Divorced father of twins
Background: Big dam hero
Bowling is just physics and energy distribution.
one TBD

Bold +2
Clever +1
Mighty +3
Subtle +1
Swift +2
Wise +0

Because I am the Atlas Lanes Bowling Champion (Powers Division, three years running), I get a +2 when Cleverly using my powers to throw an object.

Because I can Transfuse Energies, once per session I can choose to remove from a secondary target the same amount of stress I inflict on a foe. If my attack succeeds with style I can opt to instead remove a Mild Consequence.

Because the Blacksun has granted me connections to the fabric of the universe once per session I can gain a +2 to Cleverly overcome an obstacle or create an advantage where cosmic insights would be appropriate.

Power Facts
Gravity Controller.This power set allows you to manipulate the forces of gravity to control your foes. Enemies often have little defense against Gravity powers. This can be used to hold foes, toss them in the air, crush objects, etc.

Kinetics Secondary power set. You are a master at manipulating and transferring kinetic energy. You can manipulate the potential energy found in objects to aid your allies or weaken your foes. This allows things such as transferring energy from one target to another, increasing or decreasing speeds, knocking targets away, etc.


Ed was a shift supervisor in the Overbrook Dam Restoration Project, the main organisation responsible for the work being done to rebuild the area colloquially known as Faultline. While involved in excavations in the area his team broke into a cavern and discovered an item that would later be called “The Blacksun”. This item’s exact genesis is vague at best, but the salient fact is that in the moment it was exposed to the world it infused Ed with powers that tied him to the threads of the universe.

Ed Infinitum

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