Snow Pigeon

Ice Blaster


High Concept: Genetics researcher altered by cryo-neticly enhanced pigeon blood
Trouble: AWOL Crey scientist
Powers: Ice projection, focused by Crey technology
Background: A flair for science, a passion for disco.
one aspect TBD

Bold +1
Clever +2
Mighty +2
Subtle 0
Swift +3
Wise +1

Because Crey technology enhances my powers, I gain a +2 to Boldly attack so long as I’m wearing my power gloves.

Because of my extensive scientific training, I gain a +2 to cleverly overcome an obstacle or create an advantage when my area of expertise comes in to play.

one stunt TBD

Power Facts
Ice Blaster, this allows her to shoot bolts of ice, create ice sheets, snow storms, etc.
Stolen Crey tech allows her to fly as well as enhancing her control of her ice powers.
Without her tech she can still use her powers but they are Weak and unfocused


SP got her start as a scientist working for Crey Industries, working in their Paragon Protector program. Her focus was genetics research to transfer powers from dead heroes into cloned bodies (specifically she was dealing with cold focused powers) using pigeons as their primary test subjects (Rats of the sky! the primary investigator liked to say).

Unfortuantly due to a series of Benny Hill like mishaps SP was exposed to altered pigeon blood, causing a fundamental shift in her DNA. When Crey management tried to add her to the list of test subjects SP grabbed some of her test gear and made her escape…


Snow Pigeon

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